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Our highly skilled team has more than 40 years of experience manufacturing equine products. With talented design technicians and an efficient manufacturing process that puts us ahead of the competition, we always deliver custom products faster and for a better price than anyone else.

We know that a fence or a gate that doesn’t keep your horses where you want them is no good to you. Trainers and awnings that don’t function as expected are useless. Your equipment has to be made to the highest standards and your trainers, walkers, fences and awnings need to work the way you expect them to. Our team always delivers high quality products that you can trust to work every time and to protect your most valuable assets - your horses and your clients.

When you need custom equine equipment manufactured for your ranch, you can trust a company that has decades of experience and specializes in welding and manufacturing large equipment.

Call us for equine projects like:
  • Horse trainers
  • Horse walkers
  • Fences
  • Horse trainers awning (cover)
Contact us today for more information or to discuss specific aspects of your project and how we can help you get the job done. We look forward to working with you.


Energy Products - Oil & Gas
Highway Safety Products & Signs
Equine Products
Construction Products
Custom Fabrication


Triple R Industries is a company committed to quality and dependability located in Arlington, TX. We are currently serving the Dallas/Fort Worth manufacturing industry.

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1100 Enterprise Plc
Arlington, TX 76001
Phone: (817) 465-8484
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